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Our founder & Master Esthetician!

Annie Evans is who we refer to as Mama Spruce. She is the founder of our company and has been working in the world of skincare as an esthetician for over 17 years. Annie now leads a team of more than 20 women here at Spruce. She is the most fun-loving, powerhouse with the most fabulous style and we love seeing all of her wild ideas come to life!

  • Spruce Olympia

    Spruce Olympia was the first baby, located on the Westside of Olympia. Our clients are dedicated to the sprucing experience.

    Meet the team 
  • Spruce Chehalis

    Spruce Chehalis, otherwise known as Spruce Deuce is our newest location. We are downtown, amongst the most awesome community.

    Meet the team 
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